Problems and Solutions to Hindrances in Online Learning

As the world is moving towards technology, people are shifting to the realm of online training and online education. Of course, the benefits of learning from online sources are undeniable. Some of the advantages like reduced price, flexibility in learning and time management are able to attract thousands and millions of people from the globe to these online platforms.

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However, the system also comprises a few faults and hindrances that aren’t difficult to overcome. When not monitored and taken care of, these can jeopardize the success of training on online mediums. Many of the internet-based educational institutions have also implemented certain ways and programs to utilize the full benefits of online education on learning.

In this article, we have enlisted some of the major hindrances and a solution to them.

Problem 1: Online classes and online training is boring

Many of the online learning courses that are not based on video screening and video calls comprise of large texts in small fonts, that can induce sleepiness in students. This does more damage than any good. More than learning online, it would feel like sleeping online.

One of the best solutions to this problem is to enhance the instructiveness of the session, by including fun game, activities and assessments where the students are involved. This also means converting all the texts into a video an interactive and fun-loving gamified solutions of videos.

Problem 2: Technical difficulties

Although it sounds mainstream the problems faced by the students who are undergoing technical difficulties are endless. Sometimes they are related to the compatibility issues, browser or smartphone issues. This adds to the frustration from their end and often discontinues or show minimal interest in completing their course.
One of the solutions to these problems should be from the teachers’ end who often make the sessions more complicated than it should be. The downloadable materials should be easy to understand, without unnecessary information. It is also important for the teachers and institutions to check their sound quality before they make a move for turning on their voice.

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Problem 3: lack of time for online training

Of course, one of the major advantages of training on the online platform is the use of the flexibility of time. However, this can also be a potential disadvantage to the students because they can take it at their own place. This much flexibility can often backfire, and at the end of the day, the students lose interest in the course. Also, if the students encounter some major stumbling backs in their learning, then they probably might not tackle them.
The best solution is to set a time limit for the course a breakdown the courses into modules or tiny pieces that can be covered on that particular day. Informing the students about the topics that will be discussed for the next session, can also be the best way to spike their interest and prepare for the class on the following day.

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