Why Online Learning is Better than Traditional Schools

A technological storm takes the world. Back in the olden days, students sat under the tree to gain knowledge from their teacher. However, in today’s fast-moving technological world, both the students and teachers sit at home and still have a one-on-one interactive session with each other.
This brings us to the topic of online education and learning. Now is the time to ask the question – “is online learning really better than the traditional schools?”

In simple terms, the answer is “YES”.
In fact, researches and studies also hold good examples to support the statement. If you want to find out why they’re better, read the article till the end!

Boundary to geography

Like noted earlier, the strides in technological advancements have made the process of education, better than ever before. With things as minimalistic as a computer/screen and stable internet access, the entire university is at your fingertips, without having to be bound to geography. Another important move from universities like MIT, Harvard and Stanford are their ability to impart online classes without forcing students to visit their campus.

The increase in engagement

According to the articles and other reports of researches, the process and the procedures followed by online learning encourage for better communication from the students, when compared to the traditional classroom teaching methods. This also suggested that the quality of interactions through online mediums were higher than the ones in traditional spaces.

Faster feedback

Although it is hard to believe, online students have better interaction and a healthy educational conversation with their teachers, than when compared to the classrooms. The online students complete their assessments more frequently, which help in tracking their performance on a regular basis. Due to this, their learning gaps can be identified, and any mismatches or hindrances can be fixed and addressed quickly, instead of letting the students slip through the cracks until the exam season begins.

Faster feedback

A cheaper alternative

Online classes are better and much cheaper than offline universities and educational institutions.

More time on your hands

Let’s face it, travelling miles every day to get an education and returning home to complete the assessments, projects and homework, is surely an intimidating task, even for the most intelligent people. However, there is no such difficulty in online classes, because your time of travelling etc. can be cut drastically, which means you have more time on your hands that you can invest in other hobbies or courses. This also means you have better control over your schedule.

A great platform for changing workforce

Online classes, demand the students to know and learn technology, that might help them is understanding technology at an early phase, before entering the workforce. It demands them to learn basic activities like video calling, chatting, Gmail, writing professional emails etc.

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